Car Buyers Want Greener Cars Without Sacrifice

Automakers and industry experts agree that a green revolution is under way, evidenced last year by growing sales of fuel-sipping models, including subcompact cars and hybrids, as demand for sport utility vehicles plummeted.

Published: 10-Jan-2008

If actions speak louder than words, some might wonder what all the environmental fuss is about in the auto industry.

While consumers overwhelmingly say they want cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles, they don't want to pay a premium of up to $10,000 or compromise on performance.

Less than 6 percent of vehicles sold in the United States last year were equipped with alternative powertrains -- mainly gasoline-electric hybrid cars and diesel trucks -- according to an estimate by J.D. Power and Associates, based on sales through November.


Conceptually, Bevel would feature a small, efficient V6 HEV, combining driving pleasure with environmentally friendly design.

The Edge crossover concept vehicle could go the first 25 or 30 miles each day on energy from the power grid.

Priced at $24,400 MSPR, the Altima Hybrid has been certified by the Internal Revenue Service as meeting the requirements for the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit, thereby qualifying for a tax credit of $2,350.


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