100 Electric Vans and Trucks Ordered for Ireland

The world’s leading commercial electric vehicle manufacturer has secured an order for 100 zero emission vans and trucks for the Republic of Ireland.

Published: 10-Jan-2008

Smith Electric Vehicles will deliver 100 of its leading edge Newton and Edison vehicles, in its largest fleet order to date. Replacing 100 diesel powered commercial vehicles with these battery powered vans and trucks will save an estimated 760,000kg in carbon dioxide exhaust emissions each year.

Kevin Harkin, Sales Director for Smith Electric Vehicles, said: “We chose to establish our first partnership with an independent distributor in Ireland purely on a commercial basis, because of the demand we are seeing from Irish-based fleet operators.

“There are tens of thousands of vans and trucks in Ireland that spend their entire working lives in congested urban areas. This stop-start environment is when the diesel engine is at its least efficient and most polluting, making a compelling argument for replacing these vehicles with our zero emission products.”


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