Aussie Launches Electric Car Conversion Biz

Bring Sydney's Nathan Bolton a car and make available AUD$21,000 to $25,000 and you’ll be able to drive away in a electric vehicle.

Published: 09-Jan-2008

Imagine a car that you can largely build yourself – or have a company convert for you. A car that uses near silent electric power, and is recharged by simply plugging into a power point. A car that allows you to start from a rest in first or second or even third gears, such is its torque. A car that costs literally cents a day to run – but also has a range equivalent to a car with only a 5 litre petrol tank.

Welcome to the world of converted electric cars....

Nathan Bolton has an electric car – and a new business. The car is his beautifully converted 1992 Hyundai Excel Sprint and the business is Convert Ur Car, based in Sydney. Bring a car to him and make available AUD$21,000 to $25,000 and you’ll be able to drive away in a car that plugs into a power point.


Subaru has garnered a commendation for its work on alternative fuel technologies in its R1e that are contributing to averting global warming.

Ed Begley, jr. takes an interesting assignment and speaks to his counterparts -- muscle car fans -- about the future of electric cars.

Originally owned by Dr. Cecil and Mrs. Florence French of Victoria, the 1912 Detroit has been hanging around B.C. since 1913.


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