City of Austin Is Handing Out Rebates on Electric Bikes and Scooters

In 2007, the city handed out about $4,000 in rebates for 47 electric vehicles.

Published: 05-Jan-2008

The City of Austin is making easier for drivers to go green, even if you can't afford a hybrid car. It's now handing out rebates to people who buy electric bikes, scooters and small vehicles.

When Beth Heffernan bought her electric bike, the $50 rebate was just a bonus. She's already has a hybrid car and the bike is mostly for cruising; it helps smooth over the rough spots.

"Yeah, heat and hills! I really wouldn't go out as much as I do if it wasn't for this battery," said Heffernan.


A new range of advanced electric mopeds has reached London, with Italian styling, state-of-the-art Silicon batteries, incredibly low running costs and surprisingly reasonable prices.


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