Nancy Gioia on Ford's Greener Future

Profile on Nancy Gioia, Ford's irector of sustainable mobility technologies and hybrid vehicle programs.

Published: 03-Jan-2008

Nancy Gioia loves taking in the Michigan outdoors on horseback, and she has a penchant for recycling just about everything, even masking tape -- a lesson she learned from her Depression-era parents while growing up in Livonia.

"If you don't reuse things, you're being wasteful," she said one day at the Livingston County stable, where she boards her two horses, Moe and Zoom.

Still, Gioia, Ford Motor Co.'s director of sustainable mobility technologies and hybrid vehicle programs, doesn't consider herself an environmentalist.


Professor Robert Kearns invented the intermittent wiper, only to have it copied by Ford. A protracted lawsuit ensued.

'Flash of Genius' is the Hollywood version of Kearns v. Ford Motor Co., based on the 1978 lawsuit by the late inventor of the intermittent windshield.

William Clay Ford, Jr. with

Ford has enough cash and credit to keep it running through 2009 without cutting development of its next generation of more fuel-efficient cars.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid gets better fuel economy than competing Camry Hybrid.

The new Ford Fusion, which gets Prius like fuel economy, in a mid-sized sedan will actually be available without a premium and will introduce several new improvements in Hybrid Technology.


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