New York Luring Canadian EV-Makers

Companies considering moving south of the border from Canada to US include Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Co, Electrovaya and ice resurfacing machine maker.

Published: 03-Jan-2008

New York state has been luring Ontario's green technology companies south of the border with hefty incentives, and at least three Ontario electric vehicle makers say the offers are too tempting to ignore.

Montgomery Gisborne, who runs Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company, said the millions in innovation funding offered to companies by the New York State Energy Research Development Authority, or NYSERDA, were a major factor in his decision to move the company to Rome, N.Y., in the next few months.

Tamarack Lake, which makes a variety of electric boats including one that uses solar power, is currently based in Brechin, Ont., on the east side of Lake Simcoe. NYSERDA is offering it $500,000 to make 1,200 boats a year by 2012.


Jim Harrington is the very essence of an inventor – with an impressive history of electronic and mechanical product design in astrophysics, geophysics and oceanographic – but it took the experience of messing about on his 42ft ketch Morning Star to inspire this dream.

Priced at $17,121, Scout's Hybrid is just a few hundred dollars more expensive than a similar-sized traditional vessel.

From electric cars to merchant ships pulled along by beluga Skysails, the world is finding cleaner ways to travel.


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