Going Electric A Challenge for Oregon Car Dealer

Three months in, EcoMotion is learning a lot about buyer preferences and quirks in federal regulations

Published: 01-Jan-2008

With two adults on board, the three-wheel Zap truck conquers Portland's Mount Tabor with no problem, nears 40 mph on the downhill side of Northeast Glisan Street and burns not a single drop of gasoline in the process.

It also rides rough during a reporter's test drive, gets a Dodge Ram nearly stuck to its back bumper as it struggles to hit 30 mph on an uphill stretch and almost runs out of juice just as it lurches back into the EcoMotion dealership on Sandy Boulevard.

EcoMotion, Oregon's first all-green auto dealer, is trying to help resurrect the electric car. Three months in, it's clear the dealership has picked a tricky time to do it.



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