The Direction In Automotive Technology Is Driving

Steve Reive provides analysis on automotive technology trends.

Published: 27-Dec-2007

The crystal ball is a bit cloudy when it comes to what's coming down the road for the auto industry, which trends will grow, which will shrink and what new ones might crop up.

A world that used to be divided into regions as far as passenger vehicles are concerned, now finds itself a playing field for common problems and interests among its constituents whether it's safety, emissions or higher fuel costs and alternatives such as hybrid gas/electric technology. The most obvious trend is toward globalization of technologies to serve those common interests, which also spreads out development costs, which makes vehicles more profitable.

Perhaps Ford CEO Alan Mulally said it best: "There is no reason why attractive cars in Europe can't be sold in North America," he told the press earlier this year. "We are one Ford."



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