XFUEL Introduces Advanced High Density Aluminum Oxygen Fuel Cell

Company claims only commercially available and cost effective Fuel Cell technology for automotive applications.

Published: 06-Feb-2002

XFUEL Corporation has introduced a commercially available Advanced High Density Aluminum Oxygen Fuel Cell ready to be installed in all size vehicles.

Currently there is some reservations regarding the infrastructure of metal Fuel Cells. XFUEL has fully resolved that issue by designing a "consumer friendly" system whereby the consumed Aluminum Fuel Cells can be disposed of same as beverage cans and the ph 7 Electrolytes can be disposed of practically anywhere like mineral water. The consumer will then insert the new Fuel Cells and re-fill the permanently reusable Electrolyte casing. This entire process takes under three minutes and is as easy as changing an air filter.

Aluminum Oxygen Fuel Cell costs $450 per kW and has a much higher density than the Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Cell that costs $4000 per kW, in fact Aluminum also provides higher density than any other metal.

As an example, A 75 kW XFUEL Aluminum Oxygen Fuel Cell system will provide power to a 250 hp car for up to 8 hours or 360 miles without changing the fuel cells. The weight of such fuel cell system is 250 kilos. The weight of the electric drive system with all peripherals would be an additional 80 kilos thus the entire system shall weigh 330 kilos which is about 50 kilos less than the same vehicle utilizing the internal combustion engine with all peripherals.

For more information, contact Steve Banyan 858-456-4501.

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