MIT Wizard Puts New Spin on Urban Mobility

RoboScooter pictured here is the outcome of a collaboration involving SYM (Sanyang Motors), ITRI (Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute), and the Smart Cities group.

Published: 26-Dec-2007

You have to take it all the way down to literally reinventing the wheel," said William Mitchell, professor of architecture and media arts and sciences, who heads a team of graduate students at MIT's Smart Cities group. The team looked at the growth of major cities around the world and realized the need for an urban fix.

One of the team's projects, an electrically powered scooter that took eight months to complete, was recently shown at the Milan Auto Show.

The "clean, green, silent electric scooter" for urban mobility houses the motors inside each wheel, eliminating the need for a power train.


A new range of advanced electric mopeds has reached London, with Italian styling, state-of-the-art Silicon batteries, incredibly low running costs and surprisingly reasonable prices.


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