New York City Orders 850 Hybrid Transit Buses

Studies have shown diesel-electric hybrids generate 75 percent fewer emissions than diesel-only models and a 37 percent improvement in fuel economy.

Published: 22-Dec-2007

The largest transit agency in North America has ordered 850 diesel-electric buses and will have the world's largest fleet of hybrids when the vehicles hit the streets of New York in 2010.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority's latest, and biggest, order for Daimler's Orion VII buses will double the number of hybrids in its fleet. Diesel-electric vehicles will comprise almost half of the rolling stock used by the agency's New York City Transit and MTA Bus systems once the vehicles are delivered, officials said.

Daimler said the buses use about 30 percent less fuel than conventional models. The Orion VII is a series hybrid, meaning it is powered entirely by an electric motor. The small diesel engine runs a generator that charges the vehicle's lithium-ion battery. The buses also use regenerative braking in which braking forces produce current to charge the batteries. Daimler claims the Orion VII emits 90 percent less soot than conventional buses because the diesel engine runs at a nearly constant speed.


Toyota envisions that punch to be a rear-wheel-drive Hybrid Sports Concept (HSC) that develops 400 horsepower.

This two-plus-two concept is a hybrid front-engine, rear-drive sports car with a projected zero-to-60 acceleration in the four-second range.

The Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept is capable of zero fossil fuel CO 2 emissions while also enhancing performance and reducing energy consumption.


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