Controversy Flares As EU Proposes Fining Carmakers for Missing CO2 Cuts

The issue has pitted countries such as Germany and Sweden which make big petrol-guzzling vehicles against countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Romania that build smaller more fuel-efficient cars.

Published: 20-Dec-2007

AFP, 19 December 2007 - The European Commission sparked controversy on Wednesday with plans to fine carmakers that miss proposed cuts in carbon emissions from new cars, slammed by both industry and environmentalists.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also blasted the proposal as an unfair burden on the German auto industry, whose luxury cars are among the most polluting in Europe.

In a drive to push down new car emissions to an average of 130 grammes per kilometre by 2012, the European Union's executive arm also proposed that automakers' targets be set according to the weight of their cars.


A national Low Carbon Fuel Standard would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and America's dependence on foreign oil without requiring new government spending.

NICE MegaCity electric car is exempt from London congestion charge.

The £10 million project will also see about 100 electric cars provided to various towns and cities to allow families and other motorists


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