Pedaling the Eco-Commute

LA Times reporter Susan Carpenter tries commuting to work on an iZip Express electric bike for week and finds it good for the body and the wallet.

Published: 20-Dec-2007

Oh, %*$#@! That was pretty much the soundtrack to my daily commute on the iZip Express electric bicycle.

The bike wasn't the reason I was swearing like a deranged baseball manager. It was the rush-hour traffic. Otherwise, this 750-watt, battery-assisted pedal pusher did exactly what it's designed to do. It got me out of my car and into a cost-effective, eco-friendly commuter vehicle, and it did it without making me sweat like a sumo wrestler.

The iZip Express is a true hybrid. The direct current neodymium magnet motor operates only when the rider is pedaling. The pedals and motor work together, which is why riding the Express feels like riding a tandem bicycle -- when the other person's doing more of the work.


Woman says battery-powered car creates no emissions, doesn't pollute the air. Photo credit: by Kevin G. Gilbert, Herald-Mail Staff Photographer. High res version avaiable on paper web site.

The Volt can be fully charged by plugging it into a 110-volt outlet for approximately six hours a day.

The Chevrolet Volt E-Flex concept electric car represents a marked shift at General Motors as the company tries to wrestle a reputation for high technology back from its archrival Toyota.


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