Firm Reduces Size of Second Generation Carbon-X Fuel Cell

New encasement reduces stack volume by over 50%, significantly reducing the size and weight of the fuel cell.

Published: 06-Feb-2002

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Feb. 6, 2002-- Voltairis Fuel Cell, a division of Whistler Inc. (OTC BB: WSLR), today announced that the Company has completed development of its second generation Carbon-X fuel cell.

The new encasement, which reduces stack volume by over 50%, significantly reduces the size and weight of the fuel cell, while offering added protection from the environment. The enhanced design and reduced size of this new generation makes the Carbon-X competitive with traditional technologies, such as batteries and internal combustion engines for stationary, mobile and portable devices.

The new fuel cell stack represents a major milestone towards a commercial fuel cell product line. Voltairis is currently preparing a comprehensive set of performance tests designed to provide fuel cell integrators with the data required to begin major commercial development programs.

"We are extremely pleased with the rapid progress towards commercialization that Voltairis is making," said President of Voltairis Fuel Cell, Mr. Rex Hodge. "To date, very few fuel cell projects have been completed in key market areas due to the limited supply of fuel cell stacks, and the extreme costs associated with developing and integrating a complete fuel cell system. As we have previously stated, Voltairis is focused on developing a fuel cell that can be mass-produced at a commercially viable price. Pending the completion of our pilot manufacturing plant we will be one step closer, and more importantly, on track to meet the objective of fuel cell sales for OEM commercial testing in the fourth quarter of 2002. In the interim, our preparations remain focused on establishing a strong and diverse roster of strategic OEM partners.

Upon completion of the Company's pilot manufacturing plant, scheduled for Q3 of this year, Voltairis will begin volume production of Carbon-X fuel cell systems for 12-volt to 96-volt mobile and portable equipment applications. These alpha and beta units will be available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) seeking to develop fuel cell-powered product lines. To support low-cost production and to meet volume demands for commercial test markets, Voltairis anticipates increasing annual production capacity to 650,000 kWs by 2004. With the successful integration of Carbon-X fuel cells into diverse market areas, Voltairis projects annual production volumes to exceed 5.0 million kWs by 2008.

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