Wilderness Society Issues Unusual Warning Of Anti-Environmental Actions

Wilderness Society charges Bush Administration using September 11th as excuse to implement anti-environmental polices intended to enrich a few at the expense of our wilderness.

Published: 05-Feb-2002

The very old (founded in 1935), large, and U.S. conservative conservation organization, The Wilderness Society, has issued an unusual warning and action alert about the anti-environmental movements of the George W. Bush administration.

The Wilderness Society stated that it, "found that, on issue after issue, the president and his appointees have failed to safeguard our air, water, land, and wildlife, siding instead with those interests eager to make a quick profit. We've concluded that informed and aroused activists like you, along with a vigilant Congress, are essential to blunt the administration's anti-environmental actions." It stated that, "while our country wisely focuses on countering terrorism, the Bush administration continues to move at full speed to implement its anti-environmental agenda -- mostly under the radar.

Since September 11, Interior Secretary Gale Norton and others have invoked "national security" to justify massive oil development not only in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but also on fragile western public lands across the lower 48 states. But homeland security includes wildland protection. The clean air and water, biological diversity, and inspiration that our national parks, wilderness, and other natural reserves provide are of vital importance." It stated that, "the truly patriotic course of action is not to plunder the most stunning lands we have inherited, but to protect them. Each generation serves as trustee of these natural treasures, and this administration is breaching that trust."



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