Reva Electric Car Improved to Meet UK Safety Concerns

GoinGreen debuts new model of the popular electric car, featuring new safety measures and enhanced performance

Published: 04-Dec-2007

GoinGreen, the UK distributer of the G-Wiz electric car, has this week unveiled the latest model of the popular zero emissions car, promising improved performance and enhanced safety features.

The company said that the new 2008 G-Wiz i was the result of a collaboration between the car's Indian manufacturer Reva Electric Car Company and Lotus that had resulted in a number of new safety features being added, including "increased front and side impact protection, a strengthened space frame, a collapsible steering column [and] a hill rolling restraint feature".

The safety of the G-Wiz has been the subject of considerable debate following tests carried out by the Top Gear TV show earlier this year that showed that the vehicle failed to meet safety standards expected of conventional cars. A 40mph crash test carried out to the EuroNCAP procedure concluded that such a collision could "cause serious or life-threatening injuries to the vehicle occupants".


The investment would help the company expand and consolidate its position in world's electric car production market.

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