Ford to Hand Over Plug-in Escape Hybrid at EVS 23

EV World was present for the hand-over and will have video of the event available in the near future, including interview with Nancy Goia from Ford.

Published: 04-Dec-2007

December 1, 2007: On Monday, December 3, Ford will deliver the first Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid to Southern California Edison at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS 23). This marks a key milestone in a unique partnership between the automaker and the utility.

Ford's experience with hybrid technology in the groundbreaking Escape Hybrid is combined with new advancements in high voltage Lithium Ion batteries to create the new Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). As part of a unique partnership between the automotive and utility industries, Southern California Edison will take possession of the first Ford PHEV for its research and demonstration fleet. Ford and Southern California Edison are combining their expertise to develop technology, business models, understanding of consumer usage patterns and the relationship between the vehicle and the electric grid to advance the commercialization of plug-in technology. Executives will be on hand for interviews. Short drives will be available for photo opportunities.

The SCE-Ford collaboration, the nation's first partnership of this kind, will examine the future of PHEVs as part of a complete system that incorporates the vehicle, the home and the electricity grid. SCE's exhibit at EVS23 will illustrate how the PHEV will interface with the home, the new smart meters and the electricity grid.

About International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition
The International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS) series, organized by the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), has long been recognized as the premier event for business, technology, policy and academic leaders involved in electric drive technologies. The EVS series began in 1969 as an academic forum for global networking and the exchange of technical information. As electric drive technologies progressed from the classrooms and laboratories into the marketplace, EVS blossomed into an event that is both academic and business oriented. The event runs from December 2-5, 2007, and takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center.
Today, the EVS series is recognized as the global electric transportation industry's premier and largest forum, showcasing all forms of technologies in the market place and on the drawing boards--from low speed battery electric vehicles to fuel cell electric buses. The event attracts academic, government and industry leaders from around the world who are interested in exploring and understanding the technical, policy and market challenges to a paradigm shift toward use of electric transportation technologies.

Rotating between regions of the world, each EVS event is hosted by one of the three members of WEVA. Events held in the Asia-Pacific region are hosted by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Asia Pacific (EVAAP); those held in Europe are hosted by the European Electric Road Vehicle Association (AVERE), and those held in the Western Hemisphere are hosted by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA).

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The vehicle utilizes a hybrid power train based on a 1500cc, 3-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine coupled with two high-efficiency permanent-magnet electric motors.

The driver of the Zytek dual-mode diesel hybrid can choose from standard or high regenerative braking and can also select one of three driving styles: Economy, Drive or Sport.

The vehicle's 288V lithium-ion battery, developed by Lithium Technology, can be charged by either the internal combustion engine, by using regenerative braking or by being plugged in and topped up overnight using off-peak power.


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