Electric Car Makes Driving a Bit Greener

Operating the GEM electric car costs $64 for 4000 miles compared to estimated $414 for the same distance in conventional gasoline car.

Published: 04-Dec-2007

With gas costing up to $3 a gallon lately and global warming on the minds of many, just about anyone with a gas-guzzler is looking for a way to cut back. When it comes to driving around town, one Lebanon family has been able to cut gas out completely.

Ed and Cathy Symonds bought an electric car in 2005 while Ed was in the Air Force in Guam. The 2005 General Electric Motorcars E2S cost him $10,000 at the time. He said it was perfectly suited for the limited distances on the island.

"It's got a 30-mile range and you only do 30 miles an hour," said Ed Symonds, an active-duty lieutenant colonel with the Air Force Communications Agency."Even when I was driving it as my primary work car in Guam, I never ran out of power in a day."


The investment would help the company expand and consolidate its position in world's electric car production market.

For the new year, TH!NK has given its most popular car, the City, a complete remake from the ground up.

The Kenguru is a snazzy mini-hatchback designed to give total independence to wheelchair users on the go.


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