Iceland Opens Hydrogen Filling Station to Public

The station will be available to power 10 new Toyota Prius hydrogen cars operated VISTORKA, three of which will be used by Hertz to rent to tourists.

Published: 01-Dec-2007

REYKJAVIK, Nov 28 - Iceland made its hydrogen filling station, the world's first when it opened to serve buses four years ago, available for use by private cars on Wednesday.

This is the latest step in a pilot project conceived by Icelandic New Energy, a company backed by the government, academics and private firms, that aims to have up to 40 hydrogen cars on the roads of the capital by the end of 2009.

"The future prospects for hydrogen are very bright," Jon Bjorn Skulason, general manager of Icelandic New Energy, told Reuters in an interview. "There is no other fuel in the world that fills the demands that fossil fuel fills today."


The Fhybrid has a top speed of 65 km/ph, accelerates faster than regular scooters and can travel approximately 200 km on a full tank of hydrogen.

Three shuttle buses – featuring internal combustion engines that produce nearly zero emissions – will replace gasoline-powered buses used by the Senate of Canada in Ottawa.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles present an attractive option for troops as they are quieter than conventional internal combustion engines and produce less heat, and may also be used as a platform for powering weapons.


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