Coca-Cola to Add 120 Hybrid-electric Trucks to Bronx Fleet

The International 4300 truck, with Eaton Hybrid Technology is powered by a motor/generator, working with the transmission and a 340-volt battery, allows the truck to source electrical power instead of gas when traveling at speeds below 30 MPH.

Published: 01-Dec-2007

Every day, Coca-Cola trucks slowly weave their way through New York traffic, eventually stopping at up to 18 grocery stores, restaurants, and bodegas. As a truck makes a delivery, the engine idles, burning fuel and spewing fumes.

But as of Wednesday, Coca-Cola Enterprises started to do things differently in New York. It is using hybrid delivery trucks, which operate just like the cars, using a combination of batteries and horsepower. When the trucks are unloading, there will be no fumes and idling diesel engines.

Instead, the shiny new red-and-white trucks will have 32 percent better fuel economy. And the hybrids' greenhouse-gas emissions will be 90 percent less than those from regular trucks, according to the manufacturer of the new vehicle.


The vehicle utilizes a hybrid power train based on a 1500cc, 3-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine coupled with two high-efficiency permanent-magnet electric motors.

The driver of the Zytek dual-mode diesel hybrid can choose from standard or high regenerative braking and can also select one of three driving styles: Economy, Drive or Sport.

The vehicle's 288V lithium-ion battery, developed by Lithium Technology, can be charged by either the internal combustion engine, by using regenerative braking or by being plugged in and topped up overnight using off-peak power.


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