GM Aims to be First to Produce One Million Fuel Cell Vehicles

GM executive visiting China states, 'We want to be the first automaker to produce a million fuel cell vehicles, and be profitable doing so.'

Published: 14-Nov-2007

SHANGHAI - General Motors Corp aims to be the first automaker to produce 1 million fuel cell-powered vehicles, an executive said on Wednesday, as the world's auto industry leaders race to develop "green" vehicles for the mass market.

"You have to make sure that any of these technologies are out there in great volume to make a difference for the environment," Elizabeth Lowery, a GM vice president, told Reuters

Larry Burns, GM's vice president of research and development, said in May that the company aimed to have fuel cell-powered vehicles, which run on hydrogen and emit only water vapor, in showrooms around 2011 or 2012, and to ramp up production to about a million vehicles a year worldwide after 2012.


All-new fuel cell powered Explorer can travel 350 miles on a single fill-up, more than any fuel cell vehicle on the road.

The scooter is not only eco-friendly, but also equipped with no-noise machinery. Also, the maximum speed of the scooter is 20km/hr which simply means that it can be found more useful in closed areas like harbours, airports, city centres.

The Fhybrid has a top speed of 65 km/ph, accelerates faster than regular scooters and can travel approximately 200 km on a full tank of hydrogen.


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