GM Targets Volt Electric Car Road Test in Early 2008

GM is the only automaker to have provided a timeline on the production of a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Published: 14-Nov-2007

General Motors Corp is on track to road-test its Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid in early 2008, and will produce the rechargeable car by late 2010, a senior GM official said on Wednesday.

As the race to bring a mass-market, rechargeable electric vehicle to market heats up, Bob Lutz, GM's head of global product development, said the largest U.S. automaker is on track to launch the Volt in November 2010.

"A lot of our team members working on the Volt keep telling us how aggressive that is," Lutz said at the Los Angeles auto show.. "And it is aggressive. We're not going to let up."


The mid-level model is powered by twin 20-lb. lithium-ion battery packs good for a range of 45 miles and had a top speed of 25 mph. An up-level battery pack is available for a range of 75 miles.

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Unlike previous attempts to create electric motorbikes, the EV-X7 can go 180 km (112 mi.) on one 6 hour charge.


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