BigSpark Converts Waste Antifreeze and Motor Oil into Hydrogen Gas

EarthFirst NextGas says process creates superior cutting gas.

Published: 28-Jan-2002

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 28, 2002-- EarthFirst NextGas, Inc. (the "Company") announced an agreement with HOWCO Environmental Services of St. Petersburg, Florida to install and operate one of the Company's BigSpark(TM) converters at HOWCO's recycling facility. This will be the first commercial installation of the Company's unique and environmentally superior technology. Full-scale operations are expected to begin in February.

The BigSpark(TM) converter system will convert the used antifreeze and motor oil collected by HOWCO into a clean burning, hydrogen-based fuel that will be sold in the cutting gas industry under the name NextGas(TM) fuel. As described in a press release dated December 13, 2001, major manufacturers of welding equipment have approved NextGas(TM) fuel noting that the product has proven to be cleaner, faster and safer than other conventional metal cutting gases. NextGas(TM) fuel also allows users to reduce metal finishing costs by avoiding the time-consuming and costly step of grinding the surfaces of newly cut metal.

HOWCO Environmental Services is one of the largest, privately owned motor fluid recyclers in Florida. It has an outstanding record of more than 30 years of safely recycling used oils and antifreeze. HOWCO's uncompromising approach to operating a fluid waste processing facility makes it the "recycler of choice" among many auto dealerships, quick lube franchises and service stations that insist on high compliance standards. The host facility for the BigSpark(TM) converter processes more than 4,000,000 gallons of waste oils and 100,000 gallons of used antifreeze annually.

Tim Hagan, HOWCO's President, commented: "Our technical experts are continually on the look out for new technologies that improve our environmental processing of waste motor fluids. The BigSpark(TM) conversion system could be an industry-changing event. It allows us to break apart these complex compounds into simple, naturally occurring and useful gases. These gases have a higher value than our standard recycled products and are environmentally more friendly. We have begun to question whether the used fluids we process should be called "wastes"- they are actually valuable feedstocks for hydrogen based fuel, like NextGas(TM) fuel!"

The BigSpark(TM) converter is simple, rugged and compact. It fits unobtrusively into existing industrial and commercial facilities like factories, fluid recyclers, refineries and vehicle maintenance facilities that handle a variety of carbonaceous wastes. This EarthFirst NextGas, Inc. technology uses the power of plasma to split the complex molecular bonds within waste stream hydrocarbons into useful, environmentally friendly gases marketed as NextGas(TM) fuel.

Jim Mahoney, President of EarthFirst NextGas, Inc. said: "Our Company is delighted to have our first commercial operation in Florida. The BigSpark(TM) converters were developed here and Florida deserves to be the first beneficiary of the environmental improvements provided by our technology."

EarthFirst NextGas, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of EarthFirst Technologies, Incorporated located in Tampa, Florida. Mahoney went on to say: "This is just the beginning for our environmentally beneficial technologies. The operations at HOWCO can be expanded dramatically and our newly formed sales group is already discussing arrangements in other states. EarthFirst NextGas wants to make the BigSpark(TM) converter system the preferred method for treating carbon based waste materials. We expect to make our name as an environmental solution maker."

EarthFirst Technologies, Incorporated and its subsidiaries (OTCBB:EFTI),, are dedicated to producing clean, productive fuels from carbon-rich solid and liquid materials currently considered waste products. The Company has conducted more than four years of extensive research and development on advanced technologies to achieve this goal.

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