Bikes With.. [Electric] Buzz

Currie Technologies’ electric scooters and bicycles geared toward market’s shifts.

Published: 12-Nov-2007

The lowly bicycle has gone high-tech thanks in great part to Chatsworth-based Currie Technologies, who is on track this year to sell $33 million worth of electric scooters and cycles and whose new product line debuting in January has company officials seeing green.

Currie Technologies was founded in 1998 by what could seem like an unlikely pair – the former chairman of Hughes Aircraft and Delco Electronics, Dr. Malcolm Currie, and Richard Mayer, a former high school automotive shop teacher at Van Nuys High School.

At the time, Currie oversaw the solar and electric vehicle projects at GM and Delco after GM bought Hughes. Meanwhile on a similar path, Mayer was having his shop classes convert gas-powered cars to electric vehicles. They even sold some of the converted autos, with one of their first customers being actor/environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. – who is also a proponent of Currie’s current products.


The mid-level model is powered by twin 20-lb. lithium-ion battery packs good for a range of 45 miles and had a top speed of 25 mph. An up-level battery pack is available for a range of 75 miles.

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Unlike previous attempts to create electric motorbikes, the EV-X7 can go 180 km (112 mi.) on one 6 hour charge.


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