Even Arab Emirates Reconsidering Gas-guzzling Ways

With nearly every second car on UAE roads being an SUV or high carbon-emitting truck or sports car, would a UK-style gas guzzler 'tax' upset the population, asks?

Published: 12-Nov-2007

Ten years ago people could be forgiven for being sceptical about global warming. Back then even environmental scientists were sitting on the fence as to whether climate change is part of a natural process or human induced.

But this is not the case today, and now nobody can dispute the overwhelming amount of research and evidence that has proven that global warming is, and has been, accelerated massively by human activity.

Fuel emissions from motor vehicles is one of the biggest environmental problems we face. In a bid to try and reduce the amount of carbon pumped into the atmosphere through car exhausts, the UK is presently considering introducing a 'Green' tax of drivers of gas-guzzling, high emission cars - while grants may be given to drivers who opt for more environmentally-friendly cars.



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