Spokane Firm Sees Hope in Tiny, Tango Electric Car

With support from a Google Inc. founder and 10 orders for models expected to cost $108,000 to $148,000 each, depending on the battery system, Woodbury's company could be on its way to carving out its niche.

Published: 12-Nov-2007

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - A shiny red car, skinny enough to fit two side-by-side in a highway lane, drew curious onlookers last year as it sat in the River Park Square atrium.

The owners of the electric-powered Tango had parked the prototype vehicle downtown to mark a showing of the 2006 documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?", which later included the auto in its DVD release.

But to Rick Woodbury, president of Spokane-based Commuter Cars Corp., his take on the electric vehicle isn't yet condemned to history's wrecking yard.


The mid-level model is powered by twin 20-lb. lithium-ion battery packs good for a range of 45 miles and had a top speed of 25 mph. An up-level battery pack is available for a range of 75 miles.

Vectrix's new Maxi scooter looks good, performs well and is a friend of the earth, writes Tim Luckhurst

Unlike previous attempts to create electric motorbikes, the EV-X7 can go 180 km (112 mi.) on one 6 hour charge.


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