Coalition Urges Bush to Focus on Energy Security

Sustainable Energy Coalition urging White House to set realistic and near-term solutions to decrease U.S. reliance on foreign oil.

Published: 28-Jan-2002

WASHINGTON, Jan 25, 2002 -- A coalition of national business, environmental, consumer, and energy policy organizations today urged President Bush to focus on U.S. energy security in his State of the Union address and issued a checklist that it will use to determine whether his proposals are based on sound energy principles.

The Sustainable Energy Coalition called on the president to offer realistic and near-term solutions to decrease U.S. reliance on foreign oil. It urged that he change the course of this country's energy policy from fossil fuels and nuclear energy to a more robust mix of cleaner technologies, especially an enhanced use of energy efficiency technologies and standards and aggressive promotion of renewable energy technologies and applications.

In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, it's important that the president pursue a sustainable energy future -- one that promotes fuel diversity, harnesses safe and abundant domestic resources, and expands the use of small-scale, dispersed, and passively-safe technologies," said coalition spokesperson Susanna Drayne. "Such technologies can be built and operated without imposing new security burdens on the nation's energy infrastructure."

The President often touts the benefits of efficiency and renewables, but he needs to start supporting the actions that will make them a reality. The administration's current policy flies in the face of overwhelming public support for clean energy," continued Drayne. "With wholesale subsidies of conventional fuels, the plan is too costly, would take too many years to deliver, and worst of all, would cause tremendous harm to our health and environment."

"Increasing energy efficiency, on the other hand is cleaner, saves taxpayers' money, and provides a faster route to energy independence. Renewable energy is the fastest growing source of energy supply in the United States today and it should be our primary new source of energy in the future. Together, these sources of energy would help us decrease reliance on imported oil, decrease air pollution, generate new industries, and keep energy dollars at home."

The Coalition posted the checklist to their Web site which can be found at

CONTACT: Susanna Drayne of the Sustainable Energy Coalition, 202-293-2898, ext. 20

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