Subaru Doubles Range of Electric Concept Car

Subaru has also developed a quick-charger that would allow the battery to be brought up to 80% charge in around 15 minutes.

Published: 03-Nov-2007

November 2, 2007 Bucking the industry trend towards Hydrogen fuel cells, Subaru has released a vastly improved second cut at a plug-in a battery-electric commuter car. The 65-kilowatt, 5-seater G4e’s new high energy-density lithium-ion batteries give it a 200km range from a charge (more than double the previous R1e’s range) and using a quick-charger it can be topped up to 80% in only 15 minutes. The new Subaru’s stats make it an instantly viable commuter, while underlining the exciting potential this fledgling sector will offer.

With 40 units of Subaru’s older EV R1e battery-electric vehicle already out and being evaluated by TEPCO’s regional sales team and local government officials, Subaru has announced the arrival of an updated 5-door version with more than twice the range thanks to advances in lithium-ion battery technology.

The G4e (which apparently stands for “Good 4 Earth”) has a 65kw maintenance-free electric motor. The aerodynamically-efficient exterior helps to get the most from the battery pack, which is located under the floor of the vehicle to keep a low, stable center of gravity.


The mid-level model is powered by twin 20-lb. lithium-ion battery packs good for a range of 45 miles and had a top speed of 25 mph. An up-level battery pack is available for a range of 75 miles.

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Unlike previous attempts to create electric motorbikes, the EV-X7 can go 180 km (112 mi.) on one 6 hour charge.


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