National Environmental Trust President On Climate Treaty Stalemate

Statement of Philip E. Clapp, President, National Environmental Trust

Published: 25-Nov-2000

HAGUE, Netherlands, Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement was issued today by the National Environmental Trust:

This is likely to have been Europe's best opportunity to achieve a strong climate treaty, and the E.U. decided to pass it up. After January, they could face a Bush administration almost certain to push for bigger loopholes.

The final proposals put forward by the US delegation represented major progress toward reducing global warming pollution. It also balanced the interests of US businesses and US farmers with strong pollution reduction provisions, which would have greatly improved the outlook for ratification by the Senate. The US delegation gave up some of the biggest loopholes it had been seeking, but insisted on measures important to build domestic support for the treaty.

This was a critical window of opportunity. To let it close was a monumental miscalculation.

Both sides have acknowledged that they had significantly narrowed their differences. We all hope that the ministers will reconvene, at least informally, as quickly as possible to build on what progress was made in The Hague.

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