Senator Kerry to Propose Democratic Alternative Energy Plan

Plan would provide incentives for increased use of wind,solar,geothermal, as well as increased fuel efficiency for automobiles and light trucks.

Published: 22-Jan-2002

The leading Senate foe of the Bush administration's energy plan, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), will propose a Democratic alternative today based on higher fuel efficiency standards, tax incentives for new energy sources and a target of 20 percent reliance on alternative and renewable fuels by the year 2020.

Kerry, a likely presidential candidate in 2004, will seek to tie the administration's energy proposal to the disgraced Enron Corp., according to an advance draft of Kerry's remarks, scheduled for delivery to the Center for National Policy today.

The administration has said executives from Enron, now in bankruptcy proceedings, had six meetings with the White House energy task force.



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