Chrysler Executive Sees Need for Vehicle Tuneup

Former Toyota honcho Jim Press is pushing automaker to have a more consumer driven focus.

Published: 03-Oct-2007

AUBURN HILLS -- His hiring from Toyota Motor Corp. last month rocked the auto industry, but James Press didn't join Chrysler LLC to be its savior.

Instead, the 60-year-old Toyota veteran has a pretty simple view of his role as vice chairman and chief product strategist for newly private Chrysler.

"My role is to be the voice of the consumer and to represent the needs of the dealers in the marketplace," Press said Monday in an interview with The Detroit News.


CityCab's fuel consumption and emissions are both extremely low thanks to the hybrid powertrain by Toyota and the vehicle's ultra-light body.

The Aura Green Line will be what some auto observers call a 'mild hybrid,' which has a smaller battery pack than a full-hybrid vehicle such as the Escape and Mariner.

GM will introduce a hybrid car in Korea in late 2007 or early 2008. Through GM Daewoo Auto and Technology, GM's Korean operation, the carmaker is expected to unveil a hybrid-version of the Winstorm.


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