Cadillac Volt?

GM may not build plug-in hybrid as a Chevy, spectulates Todd Lassa in his Motor Trend blog.

Published: 03-Oct-2007

DETROIT - It should have been obvious, but when you're cranking out a blog late on a Friday afternoon, such things can slip by. It's there, right on the chart of 16 assembly plants that the United Auto Workers included in its summary of the just-signed four-year labor agreement with General Motors.

"Detroit, Hamtramck, Michigan: Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTS continue until 2010; Global Delta MPV7 beginning in 2009; Global Delta Volt beginning in 2010; Global Epsilon Chevrolet beginning in 2012."

I can't take credit. A source pointed it out.


News reports the company will soon divulge plans to sell an EV subcompact, powered by a lithium-ion battery. Pictured is a Colt concept vehicle.

Next generation electric car to be built in joint-venture with Japanese electric power companies.

Italian-built electric car gets 100km (62 miles) per charge.


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