Hybrid-electric Car Experiment Plugs in Info on Mileage

The battery change allows recharging without using the gas engine, saving gallons of fuel each trip. For trips of under 35 miles per hour, the gas engine might not even turn on.

Published: 01-Oct-2007

Alan Shedd gets some questions when he parks his Toyota Prius and starts looking for a socket to plug his car in. Especially when people see the green-and-white decal saying the car gets 100 miles per gallon.

Shedd is a mechanical engineer for Jackson Electric Membership Corp., a nonprofit organization that supplies electricity to about 200,000 homes and businesses, including about 100,000 in Gwinnett County.

He drives a customized 2004 Toyota Prius. As part of a national experiment among electric cooperatives, Shedd's company car was modified to allow it to be plugged in when parked.


CityCab's fuel consumption and emissions are both extremely low thanks to the hybrid powertrain by Toyota and the vehicle's ultra-light body.

The Aura Green Line will be what some auto observers call a 'mild hybrid,' which has a smaller battery pack than a full-hybrid vehicle such as the Escape and Mariner.

GM will introduce a hybrid car in Korea in late 2007 or early 2008. Through GM Daewoo Auto and Technology, GM's Korean operation, the carmaker is expected to unveil a hybrid-version of the Winstorm.


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