Hyundai to Offer Fuel-Cell Cars As Early as 2012

Hyundai, the world's No.6 car maker by sales volume along with its affiliate Kia Motors, also plans to start in 2010 mass production of a hybrid model -- the Elantra compact car.

Published: 01-Oct-2007

SEOUL (Reuters) - Hyundai, South Korea's top auto maker, plans to begin mass production of its fuel cell car model from 2012 at the earliest, a company official told Reuters on Thursday.

Global car makers such as Toyota and General Motors are developing environmentally friendly vehicles, under pressure to reduce harmful emissions produced by their cars amid fears of global warming.

"We will start mass production of a fuel cell model, like the i-blue, from 2012 at the earliest, or from 2015 at the latest," a Hyundai official said, asking not to be identified. He declined to provide price details, sales targets or development costs.


Fully functional Next-Generation Fuel Cell makes its driving debut in FCX concept car with 160km top speed and nearly 600km range.

The fuel cell runs on methanol fuel, with the Veloform claiming exceptional fuel consumption of around 0.3 litres of fuel per 100km.

Behind the wheel of the Honda FCX hydrogen-powered car is both monumental and a non-event.


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