Philippines Legislator Proposes Tax Incentives on Imported Hybrid Cars and Parts

Rep. Singson's bill includes provision for duty-free and tax free importation of parts that will make hybrid car assembly in the Philippines competitive with the production of normal gas fuel cars.

Published: 01-Oct-2007

Manila, Philippines (AHN) - Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald V. Singson has filed a bill seeking to grant tax incentives to importers and manufacturers of fuel-saving hybrid cars to make it more affordable and available to Filipinos. Singson said automotive companies in the country are considering the importation and manufacture of hybrid cars, but "hybrid cars cost $5,000 more than a normal vehicle."

"Carmaker companies are willing to invest if only the government will grant importers and manufacturers special incentives like duty-free and tax-free importation of parts and components of the vehicle," Singson added.

According to Singson, duty-free and tax free importation of parts will make hybrid car assembly competitive with the production of normal gas fuel cars. "Hybrid cars are durable, low polluting and consume less gasoline than convention cars with pure internal combustion engine," Singson said.


CityCab's fuel consumption and emissions are both extremely low thanks to the hybrid powertrain by Toyota and the vehicle's ultra-light body.

The Aura Green Line will be what some auto observers call a 'mild hybrid,' which has a smaller battery pack than a full-hybrid vehicle such as the Escape and Mariner.

GM will introduce a hybrid car in Korea in late 2007 or early 2008. Through GM Daewoo Auto and Technology, GM's Korean operation, the carmaker is expected to unveil a hybrid-version of the Winstorm.


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