Paris, Love and Bicycles Too

IF you are on the hunt for love in Paris, forget cafes and art galleries and rent a bicycle instead. le Velib

Published: 28-Sep-2007

Residents and visitors have found the city's new self-service bike scheme offers the best chance of flirting with strangers.

The emergence of a two-wheeled mating service has been one of several unintended consequences of the runaway success of le Velib', the sturdy grey bicyclettes that Mayor Bertrand Delanoe unleashed on the streets in mid-July.

"It's the perfect pick-up," said Florian, a 23-year-old graduate student who was pedalling on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. "You exchange glances waiting at a light, you help her dock the bike back on to its stand and one thing leads to another."


Intended for the International Bicycle Design Competition a half dozen shape-shifting bicycle meet the demands of close-in urban commuting. Computer illustration is of Everglide bike.

The plan is to have 1,200 LEVs available for rent at 250 stations in a first phase, and 10 times that many in a second phase. Pictured is Ultra Motors A2B electric bicycle.

At $3,400, the Gucci cycle is one of the eight exclusive accessories designed especially for the forthcoming Beijing Olympics.


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