Electric Scooter Maker Picks Boulder for Manufacturing Plant

The Volta G/T can reach 70 mph. It also has a computer-based management system, which allows the rider to choose maximum power or maximum range.

Published: 28-Sep-2007

BOULDER - The Electric Vehicle Company, makers of eco-friendly vehicles, has opened a shop in Boulder.

The company's office and manufacturing plant is at 1685 38th St., where it develops and manufactures electric vehicles. It plans to introduce its first product, the Volta G/T, an electric scooter, at the Alternative Car Expo on Oct. 19 and 29, according to William Kent, manager of Electric Vehicle. The Volta G/T will be available first quarter 2008.

Kent said the company will use the rest of 2007 "to get set up in its new location." The company had office space in Cleveland where it conducted product development, but it moved to Boulder because, "We just thought that this was the right place to develop this type of product."


News reports the company will soon divulge plans to sell an EV subcompact, powered by a lithium-ion battery. Pictured is a Colt concept vehicle.

Next generation electric car to be built in joint-venture with Japanese electric power companies.

Italian-built electric car gets 100km (62 miles) per charge.


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