Innovative Electric Kayak Takes to the Water

Missouri firms 17-long Fire Fly can cruise 10 hours at 4.5 knots with two 12-Volt marine batteries. Motor and prop stow in vessel's hull.

Published: 24-Nov-2000

Secret Mountain Wooden Boats, an Ozark Mountains custom boat shop has tested a touring kayak with a retractable electric motor and prop. What's new is that it resides inside the boat's hull. This motor and prop can be raised and lowered by the person in the cockpit byway of a draw lanyard located in the cockpit. Steering is accomplished byway of pulley system attached to the motor shaft thuseliminating the need for an external rudder.

Fire Fly is a 17'2 long, 33 inches wide single touring kayak weighing about 60lbs made of Mahogany plywood. She sports a console of gauges and detachable compass. She can cruise for about 10 hours at 4.5 knots with her single 35lb-thrust motor and two 12-Volt marine batteries. With motor drawn up, she can be paddled with no lose of efficiency with the standard double paddle.

Contact Terry Trepasso at 310 NE 2nd St., Ava, MO 65608, 417-683-3238 for more info.

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