Tesla Delays Launch Until Early 2008

Company explains that additional testing is needed before it begins delivery of vehicles to first 50 customers.

Published: 26-Sep-2007

The Silicon Valley company attempting to produce the world's first electric sports car announced Tuesday that delivery of its first model will be delayed until the beginning of next year.

In a letter to customers posted on the company's Web site, Tesla Motors CEO Michael Marks said the initial deliveries of the Tesla Roadster would come in early 2008.

"While we expect to produce a limited number of production cars in the fourth quarter, I have set a production goal of shipping 50 cars in the first quarter of 2008, with an additional 600 cars in the 2008 model year," Marks said.


News reports the company will soon divulge plans to sell an EV subcompact, powered by a lithium-ion battery. Pictured is a Colt concept vehicle.

Next generation electric car to be built in joint-venture with Japanese electric power companies.

Italian-built electric car gets 100km (62 miles) per charge.


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