Teledyne Technologies Unveils H2Oasis

H2Oasis hydrogen gas station produces 1,500 cubit feet/hr of hydrogen at 5,000 PSI.

Published: 15-Jan-2002

LOS ANGELES, California -- January 9, 2002 -- Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY) today announced that Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. unveiled its H2Oasis - Hydrogen Gas Station, developed for on-site production and delivery of high purity, high pressure hydrogen gas.

It is for use in both vehicle refueling stations and industrial applications. The first unit will be delivered later this month.

"The H2Oasis highlights Teledyne's focus on introducing tangible products for hydrogen infrastructure markets," said Robert Mehrabian, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Teledyne Technologies. "While this first unit will be delivered to an overseas industrial customer for cooling electric generators, identical units can be used as hydrogen fueling stations for future automotive refueling applications."

The H2Oasis - Hydrogen Gas Station is a self-contained hydrogen plant in a prefabricated container that can be sited anywhere that hydrogen is required, needing only a concrete pad and a source of electricity to begin operation. The H2Oasis platform and modular packaging concept allow the flexibility to deliver hydrogen gas at production rates up to 1,500 standard cubic feet per hour at pressures up to 5,000 psi within the volume of a standard 40-foot shipping container. This range of production rates and delivery pressures opens the door for this product to be used for other industrial applications such as electric power plants, electronics manufacturing, metals processing, glass production, and food processing.

About Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc.

Teledyne Technologies recently combined its Energy Systems business unit with the assets and intellectual property of Energy Partners, Inc., to create majority-owned Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. Teledyne Energy Systems (TES) is a leading global provider of on-site gas and power generation systems based on proprietary fuel cell, electrolysis and thermoelectric technologies. In addition, TES is pursuing new product opportunities in the fuel cell testing, vehicle refueling and PEM fuel cell markets. TES is recognized for product lines that are reliable, simple to install and easy to use. More information about Teledyne Energy Systems may be found at

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