EU, Greens Slam Attempt at Climate Compromise

Compromise would allow credits for reduced areas forest and farmland carbon sinks but preclude the claiming of credits for nuclear power in developing countries.

Published: 23-Nov-2000

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - U.N. mediators struggled to break a deadlock between the United States and European Union at U.N. climate talks on Thursday, tabling compromise proposals on global warming quickly slammed by green groups as pro-American.

Talks chief Jan Pronk sought to broker a last-minute deal by putting forward plans he termed a balanced way of implementing the 1997 Kyoto pact on curbing climate change, and disclosed he might extend the talks by a day to clinch a deal.

"In my view it is balanced. There is something in it for all groups," said Pronk. "Pain will shared by all groups but also benefits are evenly shared among all groups."



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