New Study Sees Link Between High EMF and Miscarriages

Kaiser Foundation Research Institute study claims women exposed to peak levels of 1.6 microteslas or greater were nearly twice as likely to miscarry.

Published: 09-Jan-2002

The strong magnetic fields produced by some electric appliances and vehicles increase the risk of miscarriage, claim researchers in California. Their findings also suggest that most previous investigations into the health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been measuring the wrong thing.

"The studies really represent state-of-the-art research into the causes of pregnancy loss," says epidemiologist David Savitz of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Nevertheless, he says the researchers' interpretation of their findings may be wrong. California is already initiating public hearings to discuss the findings.

One study was led by De-Kun Li, a reproductive epidemiologist at the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute in Oakland, California. His team asked 1063 women around San Francisco who were in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy to spend a day wearing a meter around their waists that measured magnetic field levels every 10 seconds.



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