35 Miles Per Gallon or Bust, Demands Group

Lobbying group stops in Carlisle to raise public awareness of energy bill.

Published: 29-Jul-2007

Wearing T-shirts labeled ?? mpg or bust,” a trio of environmentally minded people wandered the area near the courthouse in Carlisle Thursday morning, looking for someone willing to make a phone call.

The group was from the National Resources Defense Council Action Fund, an organization that lobbies the government and attempts to mobilize the public on issues involving energy efficiency. Hailing from their New York office, they are on a “Drive Beyond Oil Tour,” urging everyone they meet to call their representatives in Congress to vote the latest energy bill through.

“There's a bill on the floor of the House right now that will guarantee that all new cars will have 35 mpg,” said John Grant, campaign manger for the NRDC Action Fund. “It was actually written by this area's representative, Todd Platts, so we're asking people to call him, thank him and ask him if he could petition as many of his colleagues as possible to vote the bill through. We have all of the people on board, we're just missing the political will and leadership.”


As high fuel prices turn car buyers away from large family sedans, it's the smaller, cheaper four cylinder vehicles attracting drivers.

The system operates from the Calor Gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane that is already on board for cooking. The system will fit comfortably in an aft locker, normally used for a conventional generator.

The Cadillac Provoq fuel cell concept uses GM's E-Flex propulsion system, combining the new fifth-generation fuel cell system and a lithium-ion battery to produce an electrically driven vehicle that uses no petroleum and has no emission other than water.


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