Piaggio to Launch Hybrid-powered Scooter in 2008

The driver can choose which form of power to use, though in town the electric motor is seen coping with congestion, can run for 20 kilometres, and gives a top speed of 35 kilometres per hour.

Published: 27-Jul-2007

PONTEDERA, Italy (Thomson Financial) - Piaggio SpA plans to launch a hybrid scooter for congested cities in the second half of next year, powered by a traditional petrol engine and alternative electric power, said chairman Roberto Colaninno.

The hybrid will be based on the three-wheel Piaggio-branded MP3 scooter, launched last year, and will have a price tag of less than 10,000 eur, against the 7,000 eur the solely petrol-powered scooter currently csells for, company officials said.

'The hybrid can represent a very important reply to the problems of traffic, safety and pollution. The hybrid generates synergies from the two motors, using electronic systems,' Colannino said at a news conference.


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