LiquidPiston Secures Funds to Build Prototype HEHC Engine

A runner-up in MIT's 2004 Entrepreneurship Competition, the LiquidPiston engine is based on a patent-pending 'High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle' (HEHC) thermodynamic cycle, borrowing elements from Otto, Diesel, Atkinson, and Rankine cycles.

Published: 27-Jul-2007

U.S. engine technology developer LiquidPiston has closed its first venture capital investment round with Adams Capital Management and Northwater Capital. The company is developing a new patent-pending ‘High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle’ internal combustion engine that “exploits heretofore untapped thermodynamic design space”.

A runner-up in MIT's 2004 Entrepreneurship Competition, LiquidPiston announced a $70,000 Phase I grant from the Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programme earlier this year. The father-son team led by immigrant physicist Nikolay and his son Alexander Shkolnik, a graduate student in MIT's department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, will use this latest $1.25 million seed round of venture capital to build and test a working prototype.

"The potential of this technology is tremendous, and the interest we are seeing from both the public and private sectors is very encouraging," according to Dr. Ed Crow, a retired senior vice president of Pratt & Whitney and an advisor to LiquidPiston. "With this latest round of investment, LiquidPiston is on its way to achieving its goal of revolutionizing the $250 billion market for internal combustion engines."



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