Turkey's Karsan to Build Hybrid Taxis for U.S. Market

Karsan has signed an agreement to export cabs to the USA and upon demand, will produce automobiles with hybrid engines. So, Turkey's first hybrid cars will be produced by Karsan.

Published: 27-Jul-2007

Karsan announced the agreement with two American investors for producing cabs to American market primarily New York on May 22. However, after one day, the news from the USA changed all plans. New York mayor announced his resolution for all cabs in the city to be hybrid starting from 2008 to 2012. American investors were quite shocked by this announcement and immediately called the directors of Karsan. Karsan gave a quite relieving response: "we have a sufficient engineering and product development infrastructure. We can produce these cabs with hybrid engines too."


Mark Phelan tests three different fuel efficiency technologies and concludes that hybrids are the past. Pictured are first Chrysler 300s to come off of European assembly line. Diesel is offered as an option in Europe on this model, but not in North America.

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