Buying Used Hybrid Could Be Pig 'n Poke

Two case studies of used hybrid buyers who have had problems with their cars.

Published: 27-Jul-2007

The cost of gasoline along with a sincere desire to drive an environmentally friendly car is leading many young consumers to the used car lot in search of a hybrid. At the same time, the people who bought the first hybrids like the Prius are trading in the green machines for new hybrids.

So is buying a used hybrid like buying a pig in a poke?

The weak link in an aging hybrid seems to be the battery system that drives the electric motor.


Mark Phelan tests three different fuel efficiency technologies and concludes that hybrids are the past. Pictured are first Chrysler 300s to come off of European assembly line. Diesel is offered as an option in Europe on this model, but not in North America.

The PML Mini QED supports an all-electric range of 200-250 miles and has a total range of about 932 miles (1,500 km).

C-Metisse concept coupe powered by diesel and electric wheel motors, resulting in combined fuel consumption of 6.5l/100km (36.1mpg).


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