Plug-In Your Car For A Cleaner Future

Electric hybrid cars hold promise of slashing greenhouse gases

Published: 21-Jul-2007

Only a handful of plug-in hybrid electric cars are driving around the Bay Area today. But the vehicles -- with fuel economy that can exceed 100 miles per gallon -- could play a crucial role in fighting global warming and America's addiction to foreign oil.

A study released Thursday by the Palo Alto-based Electric Power Research Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council confirmed what advocates of plug-in vehicles had long suspected: Hybrid electric cars, if widely adopted in the United States, would yield huge reductions in greenhouse gases over today's fleet of gas-fueled cars and hybrid vehicles.

"The studies finally give an environmental stamp of approval" to plug-in vehicles, said Felix Kramer, founder of, which promotes electric hybrids. "Scientist have confirmed that unlike gasoline cars, plug-ins will get cleaner as they get older -- because our power grid is getting cleaner."


Actress Alexandra Paul is featured in 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' Pictured here with her husband Ian Murray and their Toyota RAV4 EV electric car. Photo courtesy of Darell Dickey.

Top speed for the AC is 45 mph and the company claims a 50 per cent boost in mid-range torque too, helping with hill climbs. The new car is also able to travel up to 48 miles between re-charge.

Pasadena ordered to return its 11 Nissan Hypermini battery electric cars after carmaker refuses to renew leases.


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