Volt Electric Car Makes Capitol Hill Appearance

Volt concept car also participates in EPRI/NRDC press conference announcing study on positive impact of grid-charge electric hybrids.

Published: 20-Jul-2007

Plug-in hybrids will be on center stage in Washington today as the Chevy Volt makes an appearance on Capitol Hill as part of General Motors Corp.'s effort to convince Congress to pass a more palatable fuel efficiency increase.

GM's No. 3 official, Troy Clarke -- head of North American operations -- is returning to the Hill today to meet with a about a dozen mostly undecided lawmakers. He also will show off a GM concept car, the Chevy Volt, in trying to explain why the company believes the long-term answer to energy independence is through biofuels and the electrification of the automobile, rather than spending tens of billions of dollars to meet 4 percent annual corporate average fuel efficiency.

The Volt -- which GM hopes to start production of in 2010 if battery technology evolves sufficiently -- would allow drivers to go up to 40 miles on an electric motor, while the vehicle also has a traditional internal combustion engine.


Tesla Motors, a four-year-old Silicon Valley start-up, has raised $60 million and spent $25 million developing a two- seat Roadster that will sell for between $85,000 and $100,000.

Actress Alexandra Paul is featured in 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' Pictured here with her husband Ian Murray and their Toyota RAV4 EV electric car. Photo courtesy of Darell Dickey.

Top speed for the AC is 45 mph and the company claims a 50 per cent boost in mid-range torque too, helping with hill climbs. The new car is also able to travel up to 48 miles between re-charge.


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