San Diego Utility Rolls Out its First Electric Hybrids

Electric cars are making a comeback as more consumers are looking for better technology to help the environment.

Published: 20-Jul-2007

Maybe the electric car isn't dead after all.

Nearly four years after General Motors canceled its pioneering EV-1 program, pilot projects and commercial production of electric vehicles are gearing up in San Diego County and beyond.
The latest electric cars plug into conventional power outlets. Some of them – including two that will be unveiled today in San Diego – can travel farther than their ill-fated predecessors because they have back-up gasoline engines.

Boosters said the cars, called plug-in vehicles, can get 100 miles per gallon and recharge on about the same amount of energy it takes to run a hair dryer for five hours.


Tesla Motors, a four-year-old Silicon Valley start-up, has raised $60 million and spent $25 million developing a two- seat Roadster that will sell for between $85,000 and $100,000.

Actress Alexandra Paul is featured in 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' Pictured here with her husband Ian Murray and their Toyota RAV4 EV electric car. Photo courtesy of Darell Dickey.

Top speed for the AC is 45 mph and the company claims a 50 per cent boost in mid-range torque too, helping with hill climbs. The new car is also able to travel up to 48 miles between re-charge.


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